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Keynote Address: “Climate, Grapes and Wine: Sustainability in a Variable and Changing Climate”

Climate is a pervasive factor in the success of all agricultural systems, influencing whether a crop is suitable to a given region, largely controlling crop production and quality, and ultimately driving economic sustainability.
Climate’s influence on agribusiness is never more evident than with viticulture and wine production where climate is arguably the most critical aspect in ripening fruit to optimum characteristics to produce a given wine style. This talk will provide an overview of regional to global research on:

  1. aspects of terroir that influences optimum quality and production characteristics;
  2. the suitability of different winegrape cultivars to different climates;
  3. how climate variability influences production and quality variations;
  4. how climate change has and will likely continue to alter the global wine region map; and
  5. measures being taken by the wine sector to mitigate and adapt to changes in climate.


June 7 @ 09:00

9:00 am

– 9:50 am


Gregory V. Jones, Ph.D.